Algerian Mint Tea – A Symbol of Algeria’s Tea Culture

Algeria has a per capita consumption of 1 lb of tea per year, with Algerian Mint Tea being the most beloved national beverage. This tea is prepared by blending dry loose-leaf Green tea with fresh mint leaves. The history of tea in Algeria dates back centuries, with the use of ginger and Artemisa plant being the first spices utilized before the introduction of Green tea. Despite other varieties, Mint tea remains the most popular tea in the North African region.

Algerian Mint Tea is a significant aspect of the country’s culture, consumed throughout the day by locals, who usually start their mornings with coffee. The tea’s preparation is reserved for men only, who boil loose-leaf Green tea with fresh mint leaves. People commonly consume three cups of tea per day, with two cups being the minimum requirement. In tea shops along the roads, men drink tea while gradually sweetening each next cup. Traditional pastries, Samsa, and Hrisa made from dates, semolina, and honey, are served with Algerian Mint Tea.

Mint Tea is also served with lunch, the main meal of the day, and it is present at all special occasions, meetings, and celebrations since Algerians do not drink alcohol.

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