Antigua and Barbuda’s Tea Trade: Exports and Imports

In the serene and picturesque islands of Antigua and Barbuda, where the azure waters meet golden sandy beaches, the enchanting world of tea trade has found its place. While not at the forefront of the global tea market, Antigua and Barbuda’s tea exports and imports tell a captivating tale of a country steadily making its mark on the world’s tea stage.

Tea Imports Exports

Tea Exports from Antigua and Barbuda

In 2021, Antigua and Barbuda exported $71.1k worth of tea, positioning itself as the 121st largest tea exporter globally. Within the country’s export portfolio, tea ranked as the 65th most exported product, reflecting the nation’s growing interest in this cherished beverage.

Canada emerged as the primary destination for Antigua and Barbuda’s tea exports, importing tea valued at $38.8k. The United Kingdom closely followed, with $27.9k worth of tea imports. The United Arab Emirates, Jamaica, and Grenada were also significant destinations, collectively importing tea valued at $3.84k, $309, and $185, respectively.

Antigua and Barbuda experienced noteworthy growth in tea exports to Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates between 2020 and 2021. The value of tea exports to Canada surged by $38.8k, demonstrating a remarkable surge in demand for Antiguan and Barbudan tea. Similarly, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates exhibited growing interest, importing an additional $27.9k and $3.84k worth of tea, respectively.

ContinentCountryTrade Value
AsiaUnited Arab Emirates3,842
AsiaSri Lanka7
EuropeUnited Kingdom27,904
North AmericaCanada38,804
North AmericaGrenada185
North AmericaJamaica309
Table: Where Does Antigua and Barbuda Export Its Tea (2021)

Tea Imports to Antigua and Barbuda

While Antigua and Barbuda boasts its own unique tea culture, the country also imports tea to cater to the diverse tastes of its population. In 2021, Antigua and Barbuda imported $202k worth of tea, ranking as the 178th largest tea importer in the world. Tea imports occupied the 247th position within the country’s overall import list, indicating the nation’s openness to exploring a variety of tea blends from different corners of the globe.

Jamaica stood as the leading supplier of tea to Antigua and Barbuda, contributing a significant $95.3k to the country’s tea imports. Trinidad and Tobago, Poland, Sri Lanka, and France also played essential roles in fulfilling Antigua and Barbuda’s tea demands, with tea imports valued at $37.6k, $26.2k, $15.6k, and $11.2k, respectively.

Over the course of 2020 and 2021, Antigua and Barbuda experienced notable growth in tea imports from Poland, Sri Lanka, and France. Compared to the previous year, the country’s tea imports from Poland recorded an impressive increase of $26.2k, underlining the growing popularity of Polish tea. Additionally, tea imports from Sri Lanka and France demonstrated significant growth, contributing an additional $15.6k and $11.2k, respectively.

ContinentCountryTrade Value
AsiaSri Lanka15,605
EuropeUnited Kingdom3,770
North AmericaCosta Rica516
North AmericaJamaica95,318
North AmericaTrinidad and Tobago37,569
North AmericaUnited States7,836
South AmericaBrazil1,693
Table: Where Does Antigua and Barbuda Import Its Tea (2021)

Cultivating Global Connections through Tea

Antigua and Barbuda’s tea trade may not command the global headlines, but it symbolizes the country’s journey towards embracing and celebrating the diverse world of tea. As tea enthusiasts in the island nation and beyond savor the delights of this beloved beverage, Antigua and Barbuda’s presence in the tea trade fosters cultural connections and exchanges with tea lovers worldwide.

Against the backdrop of its breathtaking landscapes and warm hospitality, Antigua and Barbuda’s tea trade is an embodiment of how a humble beverage can bring people together. As the country continues to explore and participate in the global tea community, its tea exports and imports open the doors to new cultural experiences, enriching the tapestry of the tea world.

In conclusion, Antigua and Barbuda’s tea trade is an intriguing journey of discovery and growth. While tea may be a relatively small player in the country’s overall trade, it holds immense potential to connect Antigua and Barbuda with tea-loving nations around the world. As the islands continue to cultivate their tea trade, they leave an indelible mark on the global tea landscape, symbolizing unity through a shared love for tea.

Data: BACI

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