Barbados’ Tea Trade: Exports and Imports

Nestled in the crystalline waters of the Caribbean, Barbados is renowned for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality. While it may not be a major player in the global tea trade, Barbados’ tea exports and imports provide intriguing insights into the country’s connection to this beloved beverage.

Tea Imports Exports

Tea Exports from Barbados

In 2021, Barbados exported $30.9k worth of tea, positioning itself as the 131st largest tea exporter in the world. Although tea is not among the top exported products for Barbados, it still holds a noteworthy place in the country’s trade dynamics, ranking as the 275th most exported product.

Among the destinations for Barbados’ tea exports, neighboring countries played a significant role in consuming the island nation’s tea. Saint Lucia emerged as the primary destination, importing $17.9k worth of Barbadian tea. Following closely was Saint Vincent and the Grenadines with $9.2k and Grenada with $3.17k. Additionally, there were smaller tea exports to China and Jamaica, valued at $695 and $12, respectively.

Notably, Barbados experienced notable growth in tea exports to Grenada and Jamaica between 2020 and 2021. The value of tea exports to Grenada increased by $186, reflecting a growing preference for Barbadian tea in the neighboring island nation. Similarly, Barbados’ tea exports to Jamaica saw a modest increase of $12, illustrating a rising interest in the beverage in this Caribbean destination.

ContinentCountryTrade Value
North AmericaGrenada3,167
North AmericaJamaica12
North AmericaSaint Lucia17,852
North AmericaSaint Vincent and the Grenadines9,200
Table: Where Does Barbados Export Its Tea (2021)

Tea Imports to Barbados

As a country with a rich cultural heritage and a penchant for diverse flavors, Barbados imports a substantial amount of tea to cater to the tastes of its residents and visitors. In 2021, Barbados imported $2.02M worth of tea, positioning itself as the 129th largest tea importer globally. Although not a top-tier importer, Barbados’ tea consumption reflects the island’s openness to global flavors.

Jamaica stood out as the primary supplier of tea to Barbados, contributing a significant $762k to the country’s tea imports. The United Arab Emirates and the United States also played pivotal roles in fulfilling Barbados’ tea demands, with imports worth $391k and $265k, respectively. Poland and the United Kingdom also contributed to Barbados’ tea imports, with $190k and $120k worth of tea, respectively.

During the same period, Barbados experienced noteworthy growth in tea imports, particularly from Jamaica. Compared to the previous year, Barbados’ tea imports from Jamaica witnessed an impressive increase of $310k, indicating a growing preference for Jamaican tea on the island. Furthermore, Poland and Peru displayed promising growth, contributing $67.4k and $35.7k more in tea imports, respectively.

ContinentCountryTrade Value
AfricaSouth Africa563
AsiaUnited Arab Emirates391,144
AsiaHong Kong1,133
AsiaSri Lanka58,179
EuropeUnited Kingdom120,455
North AmericaBahamas245
North AmericaCanada4,456
North AmericaJamaica762,056
North AmericaSaint Lucia141
North AmericaPanama848
North AmericaTrinidad and Tobago60,590
North AmericaUnited States264,537
North AmericaSaint Vincent and the Grenadines90
North AmericaBritish Virgin Islands202
South AmericaArgentina160
South AmericaBrazil359
South AmericaGuyana251
South AmericaPeru115,030
Table: Where Does Barbados Import Its Tea (2021)

Embracing the Global Tea Culture

While Barbados may not be a tea-producing giant, its tea trade journey reflects the island’s openness to embracing global flavors and its eagerness to be part of the wider tea community. The country’s growing tea exports to neighboring Caribbean nations and its increasing imports from various corners of the globe exemplify the universal appeal and significance of tea in fostering international connections and cultural exchanges.

As tea continues to captivate hearts and palates worldwide, Barbados’ role in the tea trade exemplifies how even smaller nations can contribute to the rich tapestry of tea culture. The country’s diverse tea imports and emerging tea exports showcase how tea serves as a bridge that connects cultures and tastes, bringing people together from different corners of the world.

In conclusion, Barbados’ tea trade may be modest in scale, but it signifies the island’s willingness to embrace the global tea culture and its place in the community of tea enthusiasts worldwide. As Barbadians continue to explore the world of tea, the beverage’s warmth and variety add a delightful touch to the country’s tropical paradise.

Data: BACI

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