Belize’s Tea Trade: Exports and Imports

Nestled on the eastern coast of Central America, Belize is a country of natural wonders and cultural diversity. While it may not be a prominent player in the global tea trade, Belize’s contribution to the industry is still worth exploring.

Tea Imports Exports

Tea Exports from Belize

In 2021, Belize exported a modest $2.05k worth of tea, positioning itself as the 164th largest tea exporter in the world. While tea is not a major export commodity for Belize, it still played a role in the country’s trade landscape, ranking as the 395th most exported product.

Interestingly, China stood out as the primary destination for Belize’s tea exports, accounting for the entirety of the export revenue. Despite being a small-scale export, Belize’s tea shipments to China showcased potential growth in the country’s budding tea trade. Notably, between 2020 and 2021, Belize experienced a remarkable surge in tea exports to China, with a value increase of $1.05k, reflecting a promising market trend.

Tea Imports to Belize

As a nation known for its diverse tastes and cultural influences, Belize imports a significant amount of tea to cater to its residents and visitors. In 2021, Belize imported $929k worth of tea, positioning itself as the 149th largest tea importer globally. While not among the top importers, Belize’s enthusiasm for tea is evident in its imports.

The United States emerged as the primary supplier of tea to Belize, contributing a substantial $504k to the country’s tea imports. Following closely was Sri Lanka with $223k, and Mexico with $74.9k. The United Kingdom and India also played a role in fulfilling Belize’s tea demands, with imports worth $46.1k and $29.7k, respectively.

During the same period, Belize experienced noteworthy growth in tea imports, particularly from the United States. Compared to the previous year, Belize’s tea imports from the United States witnessed an impressive increase of $333k, indicating a growing preference for tea among Belizeans. Additionally, the United Kingdom and Mexico also displayed promising growth, contributing $41.3k and $31.6k more in tea imports, respectively.

ContinentCountryTrade Value
AsiaHong Kong31
AsiaSouth Korea323
AsiaSri Lanka222,959
AsiaChinese Taipei1,987
EuropeUnited Kingdom46,146
North AmericaGuatemala108
North AmericaJamaica23,208
North AmericaMexico74,920
North AmericaUnited States504,198
South AmericaBrazil208
South AmericaPeru14,306
Table: Where Does Belize Import Its Tea (2021)

Embracing the Global Tea Culture

While Belize may not be a major player in the global tea trade, its involvement in both tea exports and imports underscores the nation’s embrace of the worldwide tea culture. From cultivating and exporting a small quantity of tea to welcoming diverse tea varieties from across the globe, Belize showcases its appreciation for this beloved beverage.

As tea continues to captivate hearts and palates worldwide, Belize’s role in the tea trade illustrates how even smaller nations can contribute to the rich tapestry of tea culture. The country’s burgeoning tea exports to China and its increasing imports from various countries exemplify the universal appeal and significance of tea in fostering international connections and cultural exchanges.

In conclusion, Belize’s tea trade, though on a modest scale, reflects the nation’s openness to embracing global flavors and its eagerness to be part of the wider tea community. As Belizeans continue to explore the world of tea, the beverage’s soothing aroma and diverse flavors undoubtedly add a unique touch to the country’s vibrant cultural mosaic.

Data: BACI

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