Tea Trees in Japan: Beyond the Famous Tea Fields

Tea fields in Shizuoka and Kagoshima are famous destinations for tea enthusiasts, but tea trees can also be found in many other regions of Japan. Tea trees are often used as fences, particularly in the Kantou area, where they are called “Kunecha” (tea tree fence). These evergreens remain healthy and green year-round, making them excellent […]

Tea as an Ingredient in Cooking: Examples from Different Countries

Tea has been widely used as a food ingredient in various parts of the world. Not only fresh tea leaves but also processed leaves, powdered tea, extract, and tea flowers are used for cooking. Here are some examples of how tea is used in different countries: China In some parts of China, tea leaves are […]

Ways to Utilize Used Green Tea Leaves

As you may know, green tea is known to contain various preventative health benefits. However, after brewing tea, many people simply throw away the tea leaves without realizing that they still contain catechins, proteins, carotene, and fibers that are good for the body. Here are some creative ways to utilize used green tea leaves: By […]

Simple Tips for Brewing Sencha Tea

Good quality Sencha tea should possess two important characteristics: a slight bitterness in its rich taste and a pleasant, lasting aftertaste. Gyokuro, Sencha, Bancha, and Houjicha are all popular Japanese teas that contain tannins (Catechins), caffeine, and amino acids. The taste of Sencha is dependent on achieving the right balance between the bitterness of tannin […]