Earth Element Teas – Supporting Lungs and Small Intestine

According to traditional Chinese medical theory, our lungs and large intestine belong to the Metal element, which moves like Metal. For example, just as Metal removes impurities from the soil, the lungs and large intestine take clean air into the body, eliminate waste, and purify the body.

The Earth element supports the Metal element, making Earth element teas crucial for giving energy to Metal element organs. Among the different types of teas, fermented Puer tea is the ideal Earth element tea. Its method of processing provides it with the most contact with the earth, giving it a stronger Earth energy than any other type of tea.

In autumn, which is associated with dryness and the season that can weaken our lungs and large intestine, it is important to consume Earth element teas to keep these organs strong.

By providing energy to Metal element organs, Earth element teas can help prevent any imbalances that could lead to health problems. Drinking fermented Puer tea can boost the energy of the lungs and large intestine, thereby keeping us healthy and energized throughout the autumn season.

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