Everything You Need to Know About Sikkim Temi Tea

Nestled in the beautiful Himalayas in North East India, the tea estates of Sikkim offer a diverse range of plants due to the state’s climate that ranges from high alpine to subtropical. Sikkim is situated between Nepal and Bhutan, close to Tibet in the north and the state of West Bengal in the South. The economy of Sikkim depends on tea, which only grows in the highly exclusive and coveted Temi Tea Estate.

About Temi Tea Garden

Established in the mid-1960s by the government, the Temi Tea Estate provides jobs to skilled workers over 500 acres of steep hillsides. It produces tea that is highly respected among tea connoisseurs worldwide and is rarer than Darjeeling tea, making it more premium. The tea has a golden hue and a light floral finish that creates a sweet taste that lingers on for a few seconds. It has a naturally sweet taste that becomes more well-rounded as the seasons change, grown at a time when mist falls in the mountains, and rain pours down with plenty of sunlight. Sikkim Temi Tea owes its taste to the beautiful slopes of Temi, which produce the most exclusive first flush in the world.

Different Flushes of Sikkim Tea

Sikkim tea is available in four different flushes – first, second, third, and fourth (Autumn Flush). The first flush has a sweet taste, while the second flush has strong, toasty flavors that are mellow and smooth. The third flush has a mellow taste and is full-bodied. The fourth and final flush has a well-rounded taste with a slight hint of warm spices. Sikkim specializes in one of the most delicate white tea varieties because it is so minimally processed. It gives Sikkim white tea a strong flower flavor. Finally, Sikkim manufactures Oolong tea, with a flavor profile that ranges from full-bodied to light, grassy to floral, and toasty to sweet.

Steeping Sikkim Tea

To truly appreciate the cup of Sikkim tea at home, you need to steep it for a few minutes and use a strainer to pour the perfect cup of tea.

Who Should Try Sikkim Tea

Anyone who wants to try something different than their average cup of tea should try Sikkim tea. Fans of Darjeeling tea and tea connoisseurs will also enjoy this premium tea.

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