Fiji’s Tea Trade: Exports and Imports

Amidst the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean lies Fiji, a picturesque island nation that has been quietly making its mark in the global tea trade. In 2021, Fiji emerged as the 92nd largest exporter of tea, with tea exports claiming the 126th position among Fiji’s diverse range of commodities.

Tea Imports Exports

Tea Exports from Fiji

In 2021, Fiji’s tea exports amounted to $550k, signifying the country’s significant contribution to the global tea market. While not among the top exporters, Fiji’s position in the tea trade highlights its commitment to sharing its tea delights with the world.

Fiji’s main tea export destinations included Samoa, which imported tea worth $263k, and Kiribati, where tea exports reached $132k. Tonga, the United States, and Vanuatu were also notable destinations for Fiji’s tea, importing $42.4k, $39.6k, and $22.5k worth of tea, respectively.

The remarkable growth in Fiji’s tea exports was observed in Samoa, Kiribati, and the United States between 2020 and 2021. Fiji experienced a substantial increase in tea exports to Samoa, amounting to an impressive $73.3k. Kiribati and the United States also exhibited growing interest, importing an additional $49.1k and $32.3k worth of tea, respectively.

ContinentCountryTrade Value
AsiaUnited Arab Emirates383
AsiaSouth Korea19
AsiaSri Lanka81
North AmericaCanada728
North AmericaUnited States39,555
OceaniaAmerican Samoa5
OceaniaCook Islands3,716
OceaniaNew Caledonia3,014
OceaniaNew Zealand4,386
OceaniaPapua New Guinea396
OceaniaSolomon Islands570
OceaniaWallis and Futuna1,036
Table: Where Does Fiji Export Its Tea (2021)

Tea Imports to Fiji

As Fiji shares its delightful tea with the world, it also opens its arms to the tea offerings from other nations. In 2021, Fiji imported $3.4M worth of tea, earning the country the 111th position among tea-importing nations. The import ranking of tea stood at 147th, underlining Fiji’s inclination towards a diverse range of tea products.

Sri Lanka stood as the leading tea supplier to Fiji, contributing tea imports worth $2.29M. Indonesia and India were also significant contributors, providing tea imports valued at $527k and $193k, respectively. Australia and Papua New Guinea played vital roles as well, contributing tea imports worth $137k and $102k, respectively.

Over the course of 2020 and 2021, Fiji witnessed notable growth in tea imports from Indonesia, India, and Papua New Guinea. Compared to the previous year, Fiji’s tea imports from Indonesia experienced a substantial increase of $202k, showcasing the nation’s growing taste for Indonesian tea. Additionally, tea imports from India and Papua New Guinea demonstrated significant growth, contributing an additional $110k and $63.3k, respectively.

ContinentCountryTrade Value
AsiaHong Kong19,527
AsiaSouth Korea689
AsiaSri Lanka2,292,119
AsiaChinese Taipei6,403
EuropeUnited Kingdom27
North AmericaUnited States14,313
OceaniaNew Zealand73,316
OceaniaPapua New Guinea102,205
Table: Where Does Fiji Import Its Tea (2021)

Fiji’s Tea Trade: A Journey of Taste and Exploration

Fiji’s tea trade is a testament to the nation’s commitment to cultivating connections through the language of tea. While Fiji may not be the largest player in the global tea market, its presence holds great significance as it embraces the tea cultures of various nations and shares its own unique tea offerings.

The enchanting flavors of Fiji’s tea have found a home in countries such as Samoa, Kiribati, and the United States, reflecting the nation’s dedication to reaching out to new markets. At the same time, Fiji’s love for tea knows no bounds as it invites teas from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and India to grace its shores.

As Fiji continues to navigate the tides of the global tea market, it stands as a rising star, illuminating the world with its diverse and flavorful teas. With each cup of tea shared, Fiji cultivates connections, weaving a tale of taste and exploration that extends beyond its serene shores. Through its tea trade, Fiji extends an invitation to tea enthusiasts worldwide, offering a glimpse of the Pacific’s pristine beauty and a taste of the nation’s warm hospitality.

Data: BACI

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