Fire Element Teas: Nurturing the Stomach and Spleen for Optimal Health

According to traditional Chinese medical theory, the stomach and spleen are two vital organs that belong to the Earth element. During the long summer season, our stomach and spleen require special attention, as they are the major sources of food and water for the other organs in our body.

To keep these organs in balance, we need to support them with the Fire element. Fire element teas are a great way to provide energy to the Earth element organs, particularly the stomach and spleen. Black tea is a prime example of a Fire element tea, which has been used for centuries to alleviate stomach ailments.

Black tea offers numerous medicinal qualities that help with weight loss, concentration, lowering cholesterol, and relieving diarrhea. All of these benefits can be traced back to traditional Chinese medical theory, which attributes imbalances in the Earth element organs to these ailments.

The Earth element is related to the long summer season in the Five Elements system. If we don’t follow the Earth element’s rules for cultivating health, the functioning of our stomach and spleen may be impaired. Therefore, it is essential to consume Fire element teas like black tea during this season to maintain the balance of our health.

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