Golden Monkey Tea: A Delicate and Highly Prized Black Tea from China

Golden Monkey tea (Chinese: 金猴茶; pinyin: jīn hóu chá) is a highly-prized black tea that originates from the Fujian and Yunnan provinces in China. This tea is hand-processed each spring, with only the bud and first leaf carefully picked, resulting in tea leaves that are characterized by their pale gold threading. Golden Monkey tea is often considered one of the finest black teas available, with a flavor profile characterized by light, honeyed peach notes and a lack of astringency.

The leaves of Golden Monkey tea are so named because of their resemblance to monkey claws. They are grown at altitudes of 1200 meters in the Yunnan province, a mountainous and misty region that has been growing tea for over 1700 years. Despite its relatively recent emergence, Golden Monkey tea has quickly become a highly sought-after variety, as evidenced by its second-place finish in the Signature Famous Teas – Hot Tea Class of the 2009 World Tea Championship.

The unique character of Golden Monkey tea can be attributed to the hand-processing techniques used to produce it. Each spring, skilled workers carefully pluck the tea leaves and buds, resulting in a high-quality product that is considered one of the best black teas available. When brewed, the tea has a beautiful golden color and a delightful aroma that is both delicate and complex.

Golden Monkey tea is a relatively new tea, having only been produced for export in the last 13-18 years. Despite this, its popularity has grown quickly, with tea enthusiasts around the world eagerly seeking out this delicious and unique variety. The flavor profile of Golden Monkey tea makes it an excellent choice for those who enjoy black tea but prefer a lighter, sweeter flavor. Overall, Golden Monkey tea is a wonderful example of the skill and craftsmanship that goes into producing high-quality tea, and it is sure to delight those who try it.

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