How to Grow Tea Tree as a Bonsai Plant

Tea trees are not only grown for making tea, but they are also used as ornamental plants, particularly as bonsai trees in Japan. Here are some tips on how to grow tea trees as bonsai plants:

History of Tea Bonsai

The tradition of making bonsai trees with tea trees is not clear, but it is believed to have started in the late Edo era. In 1824, a book called “Soumokukihinkagami” was published, which featured several tea breeds that were suitable for bonsai.

Starting Your Tea Tree Bonsai

You can start your bonsai tree from seeds, branches, or old stumps. However, using an old stump takes the least amount of time, typically 4-5 years, to create a bonsai tree. Tea trees are difficult to transplant, so you may need to use a growth hormone to help nourish the tea tree after transplanting.

Nourishment and Maintenance

Bonsai trees require constant care and maintenance, and tea trees are no exception. They need to be nourished and trimmed regularly to keep them in shape. Tea tree bonsai needs pruning every year to maintain its health and shape. It’s important to note that tea trees must be kept out of direct sunlight.

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