Iraq’s Tea Trade: Emerging Exporter and Significant Importer

Iraq, with its rich tea culture, plays a notable role in the global tea trade.

Tea Imports Exports

Iraq’s Tea Exports

In 2021, Iraq emerged as the 114th largest tea exporter globally, with tea exports amounting to $103,000. Tea ranked as the 193rd most exported product from Iraq during the same year. Noteworthy destinations for Iraqi tea exports included Australia, accounting for $70.8 thousand, followed by Germany at $26 thousand, Canada at $2.88 thousand, the United States at $2.35 thousand, and the Netherlands at $422.

Emerging Export Markets

Iraq witnessed significant growth in its tea exports between 2020 and 2021, signaling its expanding presence in emerging markets. The fastest-growing export markets for Iraqi tea during this period were Australia, experiencing a substantial increase of $70.8 thousand, followed by Germany at $21.4 thousand and Canada at $2.87 thousand. These figures reflect Iraq’s successful efforts to tap into new markets and meet the evolving demands of tea consumers.

ContinentCountryTrade Value
AsiaSri Lanka184
North AmericaCanada2,878
North AmericaUnited States2,347
Table: Where Does Iraq Export Its Tea (2021)

Tea Imports into Iraq

In 2021, Iraq became the 12th largest importer of tea worldwide, with tea imports valued at $207 million. Tea ranked as the 57th most imported product in Iraq during the same year. Iraq primarily sourced its tea imports from Sri Lanka, accounting for a significant share of $147 million. Other notable import sources included the United Arab Emirates at $28 million, India at $20.2 million, Vietnam at $9.87 million, and Egypt at $372 thousand.

Emerging Import Markets

Iraq’s tea imports experienced notable growth between 2020 and 2021, reflecting the diversification of its import sources. The fastest-growing import markets for tea in Iraq during this period were Sri Lanka, with a substantial increase of $34.7 million, followed by India at $4.3 million and Vietnam at $4.24 million. These figures highlight Iraq’s willingness to explore new tea origins and strengthen trade partnerships to meet domestic demand and cater to evolving consumer preferences.

ContinentCountryTrade Value
AfricaSouth Africa54
AsiaUnited Arab Emirates27,990,731
AsiaSouth Korea14,145
AsiaSri Lanka147,137,453
AsiaSaudi Arabia368,316
North AmericaUnited States8,887
Table: Where Does Iraq Import Its Tea (2021)

Vietnam Tea: A Popular and Reliable Choice for Iraq’s Imports

Vietnam tea has consistently been a popular and trustworthy choice for Iraq, thanks to its premium quality and competitive pricing. In 2021, Iraq imported tea from Vietnam with a total value of $9,874,860, marking a 4.8% increase compared to the previous year. Vietnam holds a significant position as an important supplier of tea to Iraq, catering to its tea requirements effectively.


Iraq’s tea trade showcases its emerging role as both an exporter and importer in the global tea market. With its growing tea exports to Australia, Germany, and other destinations, Iraq is establishing its presence in the international tea landscape. Simultaneously, its substantial tea imports from Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries demonstrate Iraq’s commitment to meeting domestic demand and diversifying its tea sources.

To sustain this positive momentum, Iraq should focus on nurturing trade relationships with existing partners while actively exploring emerging markets. Monitoring global tea trends, promoting local tea production, and ensuring quality standards will enable Iraq to adapt to changing market dynamics and enhance its competitiveness in the tea industry. By embracing sustainable practices and optimizing import strategies, Iraq can nurture a thriving tea culture, enriching the tea experience for its consumers and contributing to the global tea community.

Data: BACI

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