Koushun: A Unique Cultivar with Unprecedented Perfume

Koushun is a medium-maturing cultivar known for its unprecedented perfume, harmonious flavor, and mild aftertaste. This tea boasts a larger number of buds that exhibit an excellent shape, making it easy to finely twist. The appearance of crude tea is also impressive and uniform.

Quality Characteristics

Koushun’s flavor is highly rated for its strong taste, pleasant scent, and umami. The tea leaves have a persistent scent and a rich flavor that leave a mild aftertaste. In particular, young female generations find this tea refreshing and appealing.

Notes on Cultivation

The vigor of Koushun trees is strong, and their open shape makes it easy to maintain and tailor young trees. However, as the trees mature, the number of buds tends to increase, requiring systematic care to maintain high yields. Farmers need to be careful about controlling white peach scales, which are known to affect the cultivar.

Notes on Processing

Koushun tea can be finely twisted and easily formed. Because of its refreshing aroma, deep steaming is not appropriate. If the aftertaste is a bit astringent, it can be steamed lightly to avoid affecting the aroma.

Dissemination and Land Suitability for Cultivation

Koushun is suitable for cultivation throughout Shizuoka Prefecture due to its high yield and strong resistance to cold. This medium-maturity cultivar with a unique flavor is perfect for regions aiming for local branding that emphasizes quality.

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