Li Shan: The Land of Superior Quality Tea

Located in the central region of Taiwan in Taichung County, Li Shan, or Pear Mountain, was once known for its abundant pear orchards. However, it has now gained fame for its exceptional tea – the most expensive in Taiwan. The tea plantations of Li Shan range in altitude from 1600 meters to 2600 meters, making them the highest tea plantations in the world and renowned for producing superior quality tea.

The former summer estate of Chiang Kai Shek, Fu Shou Shan Farm (Lucky Life Mountain Farm), is located here, and some of the tea is grown on its land. Chiang’s house still remains, a reminder of the former leader of Taiwan, surrounded by fruit trees and with a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains.

The high altitude of Li Shan and Taiwan’s subtropical location provide cool and moist conditions that are ideal for growing tea. The area also has fertile, rich black soil that was previously used for orchards. As the economic importance of fruit declined due to cheap imports, the orchards were replaced with tea.

Li Shan oolong tea is known as the “King of Teas.” It has a unique fruity fragrance not found in other Taiwanese teas. The tea is produced in limited quantities, with just two harvests per year, and is sold at a premium price due to its superior quality.

Tea from Taiwan has several examples of fine Li Shan tea, including the popular Tsuei Luan oolong tea, characterized by its thick leaves and sweet, fragrant taste. Another Li Shan tea available is the Wu Ling oolong tea, which is mainly consumed domestically, making it a rare find for tea lovers worldwide.

In conclusion, Li Shan is the land of superior quality tea due to its high altitude, subtropical locale, fertile soil, and limited production. It produces tea with a unique fruity fragrance, and its high price is a testament to its exceptional quality. Tea lovers around the world can now enjoy the flavors of Li Shan tea, once only known to a lucky few.

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