Madagascar’s Tea Trade: Exports and Imports

In 2021, the island nation of Madagascar demonstrated its presence in the global tea market, both as an exporter and importer of this cherished beverage. With a rich tea culture of its own, Madagascar’s tea trade has been steadily expanding, contributing to the nation’s economic growth.

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Madagascar’s Tea Exports

In 2021, Madagascar’s tea exports reached a total value of $92.7k, positioning the country as the 115th largest tea exporter globally. Tea ranked as the 262nd most exported product from Madagascar, reflecting the nation’s active participation in the international tea trade.

The main destinations for Madagascar’s tea exports were Pakistan, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, France, and the United States, highlighting the country’s diverse and geographically spread-out trading relationships. Pakistan emerged as the primary destination, importing tea valued at $38.8k, followed closely by Kenya at $24.7k, and Saudi Arabia at $16.1k. France and the United States also played significant roles in receiving Madagascar’s tea, with imports worth $7.79k and $2.27k, respectively.

Notably, between 2020 and 2021, Madagascar’s tea exports witnessed substantial growth in certain key markets. Pakistan led the way as the fastest-growing export market, showing an impressive increase of $38.8k. Saudi Arabia also stood out with a notable growth of $16.1k, while Hong Kong showcased promising progress with a rise of $1.91k in tea exports from Madagascar.

ContinentCountryTrade Value
AfricaBurkina Faso297
AsiaHong Kong1,905
AsiaSaudi Arabia16,087
EuropeUnited Kingdom296
North AmericaCanada116
North AmericaUnited States2,274
Table: Where Does Madagascar Export Its Tea (2021)

Madagascar’s Tea Imports

While Madagascar excelled as a tea exporter, it also demonstrated a robust appetite for tea consumption, evident in its tea imports valued at $130k in 2021. This placed Madagascar as the 187th largest tea importer in the world that year, with tea ranking as the 712th most imported product in the country.

India emerged as the primary source of Madagascar’s tea imports, contributing a substantial $67.3k to the nation’s import bill. France followed at a considerable distance, with tea imports valued at $26.4k, while Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, and Turkey also played significant roles in supplying Madagascar’s tea, contributing $9.91k, $7.67k, and $6.48k, respectively.

Madagascar’s tea import market exhibited notable growth between 2020 and 2021, with certain key markets showcasing impressive progress. India, as the primary tea supplier, demonstrated remarkable growth with an additional $63.7k in tea imports. France also stood out with a noteworthy increase of $8.53k, while Turkey displayed growth with an additional $6.48k in tea imports.

ContinentCountryTrade Value
AfricaSouth Africa3,382
AsiaUnited Arab Emirates7,670
AsiaSri Lanka9,913
Table: Where Does Madagascar Import Its Tea (2021)


Madagascar’s tea trade paints a promising picture of the nation’s growing presence in the global market. As a notable tea exporter, Madagascar enjoys strong trade relationships with Pakistan, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, France, and the United States, reaching tea enthusiasts worldwide.

At the same time, as a tea-importing nation, Madagascar relies on India, France, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, and Turkey to cater to its tea consumption demands. With vibrant trade dynamics and a commitment to economic growth, Madagascar is well-poised to continue prospering in the global tea trade.

The island nation’s love for tea is evident in its thriving trade ecosystem, showcasing its warmth and hospitality to the world. As Madagascar continues to foster international cooperation and explore new avenues for growth, the country’s tea trade will undoubtedly flourish, strengthening its position as a key player in the global tea industry for years to come.

Data: BACI

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