Ro: Embracing Warmth and Tradition in the Winter Tea Ceremony

In the chilly winter months, the heart of the tea ceremony is kindled in the Ro (炉), a traditional sunken hearth or fire pit carefully crafted into the floor. This Ro becomes the radiant center where the Kama, a larger kettle than the one used with the portable brazier (Furo), is heated over a comforting Sumi fire. Positioned in a corner of the Tatami mats, the Ro holds a special place of significance within the tea room.

Image: Ro (炉)

As the winter season sets the stage for the tea ceremony, the preparations and the role of the Teishu hold subtle distinctions when it comes to the intricate art of Temae performed with the Ro. The nuanced procedures and positioning create a unique ambiance, infusing the ceremony with a touch of warmth and traditional charm.

Moreover, the Sumidemae ritual, which accompanies the Ro, exhibits its own distinct features, further enriching the experience. From the careful selection of utensils to the graceful movements, each element harmonizes to create an unforgettable tea ceremony that embraces the beauty and traditions of the Ro.

Immersed in the serene and intimate setting of the Ro, participants find solace from the winter chill as the flickering flames dance and the soothing fragrance of incense mingles with the aroma of freshly brewed tea. This cherished tradition of the Ro brings warmth and a profound sense of connection to the ancient art of tea, enriching both the body and soul in a delightful celebration of the winter season.

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