Seven Colour Tea: A Unique Bangladeshi Beverage

Seven-colour tea, also known as seven-layer tea in Bengali as সাত রং চা, is a unique and popular beverage from Bangladesh that consists of layers of different types of tea. The tea is brewed using varying concentrations of tea leaves and can include additives such as milk, sugar, and spices, resulting in different densities that separate the layers. The drink features a range of flavors, from syrupy sweet to spicy clove, and each layer contrasts in both color and taste. The tea gets its name from the alternating dark and light bands that create a visually striking pattern throughout the drink.

The credit for inventing this tea goes to Romesh Ram Gour, the proprietor of a tea shop in Srimongol, Moulvibazar. Since its creation, the drink has become a popular delicacy and has been widely replicated throughout Bangladesh, with variations in the number of layers used in the recipe.

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