South Sudan’s Tea Trade: Exports and Imports

In the year 2021, South Sudan embarked on a captivating tea trade journey, exploring the flavors of this beloved beverage and nurturing bonds with global partners. With $1.09 thousand worth of tea exports, the nation proudly secured its position as the 169th largest tea exporter worldwide, highlighting its growing role in the international tea market.

Tea Imports Exports

South Sudan’s Tea Exports

In 2021, South Sudan’s tea exports reached an impressive $1.09 thousand, marking the nation’s dedication to sharing its aromatic delights with the world. As the 139th most exported product from the country, tea held a special place in South Sudan’s trade landscape. Among the diverse destinations for South Sudan’s tea exports, the United Arab Emirates emerged as the primary partner, embracing teas worth $1.09 thousand from the nation.

Between 2020 and 2021, South Sudan’s tea trade witnessed significant growth, fueled by the United Arab Emirates, which accounted for the entirety of the nation’s tea exports. The $1.09 thousand worth of tea sent to the UAE demonstrates the strengthening trade ties and a shared appreciation for this timeless beverage.

Tea Imports Enriching South Sudan

In 2021, South Sudan’s tea imports totaled $1.04 million, propelling the nation to the 144th position in the list of largest tea importers globally. As the 141st most imported product in the country, tea found its place in the hearts and cups of tea enthusiasts across South Sudan. The nation’s tea imports primarily came from Kenya, with a significant contribution of $1.01 million. The United Arab Emirates also played a role in South Sudan’s tea culture, providing imports valued at $26.1 thousand. India added its unique flavors to the mix, contributing $491 worth of tea imports to the nation.

Between 2020 and 2021, South Sudan’s tea trade witnessed remarkable growth in key import markets, underscoring the nation’s increasing passion for this cherished beverage. Kenya emerged as a standout partner, contributing an additional $163 thousand in tea imports to South Sudan. The United Arab Emirates, too, showcased its commitment to enriching South Sudan’s tea culture, increasing its tea exports by $20.1 thousand during this period. India further contributed to the growing tea landscape in South Sudan, importing $491 worth of tea, representing a positive trajectory in trade interactions.

ContinentCountryTrade Value
AsiaUnited Arab Emirates26,101
Table: Where Does South Sudan Import Its Tea (2021)

Nurturing Global Tea Bonds

As South Sudan nurtures its tea trade, the nation forms significant partnerships with key players in the global tea industry. The United Arab Emirates emerges as a steadfast ally, playing a vital role in both South Sudan’s tea exports and imports. Kenya, with its rich tea tradition and proximity, further solidifies its place as a key contributor to South Sudan’s tea journey.


In 2021, South Sudan’s tea trade demonstrated remarkable progress, with $1.09 thousand in tea exports and $1.04 million in imports. As the nation continues to cultivate its tea culture, the United Arab Emirates and Kenya stand as prominent partners, enriching South Sudan’s tea landscape. With each cup brewed and shared, South Sudan’s tea trade journey remains intertwined with the dynamic global tea community, forging aromatic bonds that transcend borders and cultures.

Data: BACI

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