Suriname’s Tea Trade: Exports and Imports

Suriname, nestled in the northeastern corner of South America, is making waves in the global tea trade. Despite being a relatively small player in the industry, this nation’s passion for tea is evident through its exports and imports.

Tea Imports Exports

Tea Exports from Suriname

In 2021, Suriname exported $208k worth of tea, securing its position as the 107th largest tea exporter globally. With tea ranking as the 117th most exported product from Suriname, it showcases the nation’s commitment to sharing its tea treasures with the world.

The United Kingdom emerged as the primary destination for Suriname’s tea exports, importing $167k worth of the nation’s finest brews. The Netherlands, Poland, Canada, and Australia also contributed to Suriname’s tea trade, importing $19k, $15.2k, $2.88k, and $2.63k worth of tea, respectively.

The fastest-growing export markets for Suriname’s tea between 2020 and 2021 were the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Canada. Suriname’s tea exports to the United Kingdom witnessed substantial growth, increasing by an impressive $133k. The Netherlands and Canada also demonstrated their love for Suriname’s tea, importing an additional $18.4k and $2.88k worth, respectively.

ContinentCountryTrade Value
EuropeUnited Kingdom166,576
North AmericaBermuda25
North AmericaCanada2,879
North AmericaCuba1,398
South AmericaGuyana28
Table: Where Does Suriname Export Its Tea (2021)

Tea Imports to Suriname

While Suriname extends its tea offerings to the world, it also embraces the global tea community by importing a diverse range of teas. In 2021, Suriname imported $1.28M worth of tea, securing its position as the 140th largest tea importer globally. Tea ranked as the 225th most imported product in Suriname, showcasing the nation’s growing fascination with teas from distant lands.

India played a vital role as Suriname’s top tea supplier, providing tea imports valued at $435k. Sri Lanka, the Netherlands, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates also enriched Suriname’s tea tapestry, contributing tea imports worth $286k, $261k, $85.1k, and $75.6k, respectively.

Between 2020 and 2021, Suriname experienced remarkable growth in tea imports from Trinidad and Tobago, Sri Lanka, and Germany. Compared to the previous year, Suriname’s tea imports from Trinidad and Tobago surged by a significant $50.6k, reflecting the nation’s growing fascination with teas from its regional neighbor. Sri Lanka and Germany also captivated Suriname’s palate, providing an additional $8.04k and $6.41k worth of tea imports, respectively.

ContinentCountryTrade Value
AsiaUnited Arab Emirates75,573
AsiaHong Kong3,182
AsiaSri Lanka286,033
AsiaChinese Taipei787
North AmericaJamaica7,573
North AmericaTrinidad and Tobago68,534
North AmericaUnited States85,055
Table: Where Does Suriname Import Its Tea (2021)

Cultivating Connections Through Tea

Suriname’s tea trade serves as a bridge connecting nations across continents. As its flavorful teas find homes in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and beyond, they create cultural connections and foster a sense of shared appreciation for the brew.

Conversely, Suriname embraces the diverse teas from India, Sri Lanka, and other distant lands, enriching its own tea culture with a myriad of flavors and traditions. Through its tea trade, Suriname celebrates the richness of tea and the joy of discovery that comes with exploring teas from different corners of the world.

In this unfolding chapter, Suriname’s tea trade stands as a testament to its dedication to the world of tea. As it continues to export and import teas, Suriname extends an invitation to tea enthusiasts worldwide, beckoning them to explore the wonders of Surinamese tea and embark on a journey of flavors and connections. As the tea trade continues to flourish, Suriname’s presence in the global tea community continues to grow, cultivating lasting connections across the globe through the love of tea.

Data: BACI

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