Caffeine-Free Chinese Tea: Low-Caffeine Options and Herbal Infusions

If you’re looking for caffeine-free Chinese tea varieties, there are several options available. Here are some popular choices: Chinese Herbal Teas Chinese herbal teas, also known as medicinal or therapeutic teas, are beverages made from a variety of herbs, flowers, roots, and other botanical ingredients. These teas have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for […]

Caffeine and Health

Caffeine is a substance found in food that can affect the body. It has been deemed safe by the FDA, but additional research was recommended in 1978. Since then, many studies have been conducted on caffeine and its relationship to various health concerns. However, there are still some questions and misunderstandings about the effects of […]

Cellular and Molecular Basis of Methylxanthines Action

Methylxanthines, such as caffeine and theophylline, have various physiological and pharmacological effects. The mechanisms responsible for these effects include inhibition of phosphodiesterases, direct and indirect effects on intracellular calcium concentrations, uncoupling of intracellular calcium increases with muscle contractile elements, and antagonism of adenosine receptors. However, evidence suggests that adenosine receptor antagonism is the most important […]

Pharmacological Properties of Caffeine and it’s Related Methylxanthines

Caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine have several shared pharmacological effects. They can cause smooth muscle relaxation, stimulate the central nervous system, stimulate cardiac muscle, and act as a diuretic in the kidneys. Theophylline is the most selective among the three in terms of smooth muscle effects, while caffeine has the most notable impact on the central […]

The Global Presence and Pharmacological Properties of Caffeine and Related Methylxanthines

Caffeine and its related purine alkaloids, such as theophylline and theobromine, are widely distributed in plants around the world. The most commonly consumed caffeine-containing beverage is tea, made from the leaves of Thea sinensis. This bush, native to southern China and now widely cultivated in other countries, contains caffeine and small amounts of theophylline and […]