Different Types Of Japanese Tea Ceremony

In Japan, there are two main types of tea ceremonies: the informal chakai and the formal chaji. The former involves thin tea and sweets, while the latter includes a full-course kaiseki meal, followed by sweets, thick tea, and thin tea. Typically, chaji lasts for around four hours, during which guests take breaks to walk around […]

Exploring Chaji: The Formal Tea Gathering in the Japanese Tea Ceremony

The Japanese Tea Ceremony, also known as Chanoyu or Chado, is a traditional art form that has been practiced for centuries in Japan. It is a deeply rooted cultural practice that encompasses much more than just the act of drinking tea. What is Chaji? Chaji (茶事) is a formal tea gathering where guests are invited […]

What is Koicha and How to Make Koicha

Tea ceremony (chanoyu – 茶の湯) is an essential aspect of Japanese culture. There are two main types of tea ceremony: the informal tea gathering known as chakai (茶会) and the formal one known as chaji (茶事). Chakai is a relatively simple tea gathering that typically includes some wagashi (Japanese sweets) and thin tea (usucha). It […]

Exploring Kaiseki: The Art of Traditional Japanese Multi-Course Dining

Kaiseki is a traditional multi-course dining style of Japan that is considered the haute cuisine of the country. The term “kaiseki” refers to a set of courses that is dependent on the seasonal produce, cooked with particular methods, and arranged in a specific order to create an aesthetically pleasing, harmonious, and balanced meal. Types of […]