Prominent Chinese Tea Masters

China has a long history of tea cultivation and tea culture, producing renowned tea masters who have dedicated their lives to the art and expertise of tea. These tea masters possess extensive knowledge, refined skills, and a deep understanding of tea varieties, brewing techniques, and tea ceremonies. Here are a few notable Chinese tea masters: […]

Yu Hui Tseng: The Trailblazing Chinese Tea Master Transforming Tea Culture”

Yu Hui Tseng, a descendant of Zengzi, has earned her place as a revered Chinese tea master. Recognized as one of the top ten tea masters today and the only active female master, she has made a significant impact in the world of tea. Notably, she stands out as the sole tea master practicing outside […]

Chinese Tea Ceremony Schools

China is renowned for its rich tea culture and has several esteemed tea schools that offer comprehensive education and training in the art and science of tea. These schools provide a platform for individuals to delve into the intricacies of tea production, tea tasting, tea ceremony, and tea business management. Here are a few notable […]

Exploring the Influence and Beauty of Chinese Tea Culture

Chinese tea culture, known as “中国茶文化” (zhōngguó chá wénhuà), encompasses a rich tapestry of both physical and spiritual elements that have significantly shaped Chinese society throughout history. It encompasses the entire spectrum of tea-related practices, including tea cultivation, brewing techniques, serving methods, consumption rituals, artistic expressions, and the revered tea ceremony. Tea culture serves as […]

The Tradition of Finger Tapping: A Silent Gesture of Gratitude in Chinese Tea Culture

The next time you find yourself dining at a Chinese restaurant, take a moment to discreetly observe the intriguing phenomenon happening at neighboring tables when tea is poured. You may notice someone delicately tapping the table with three fingers each time their cup is refilled. Despite initial appearances, this is not a mere superstitious act. […]

Cha Xi: Creating a Harmonious Space for a Tea Ritual

Tea drinking in China has been an integral part of the country’s culture for over a millennium. A term commonly used in the country’s tea culture is “Cha Xi,” which refers to the space or theme that tea drinking creates. However, the term’s meaning has evolved over time. The Origins of Tea Culture in China […]

Yum Cha: The Cantonese Brunch Tradition

Yum Cha, also known as “drink tea,” is a Cantonese brunch tradition that involves tea and dim sum. It is particularly popular in Cantonese-speaking regions such as Guangdong province, Guangxi province, Hong Kong, and Macau, and is also carried out in other regions worldwide where there are overseas Chinese communities, including Vietnam, Australia, and the […]

Different Types of Oolong Tea from China and Taiwan

Despite being cultivated in four distinct regions, Oolong tea plants thrive within a relatively small territory. While these regions have a long history of tea cultivation, the intricate production techniques of Oolong tea were developed only in the 16th and 17th centuries. Each region produces Oolongs that exhibit unique characteristics, resulting from specific processing methods. […]

Understanding the Six Basic Types of Chinese Tea

China is renowned for its rich tea culture and has six main types of tea: green, white, yellow, red, oolong, and dark tea, also known as Puerh or Pu’er. Each type of tea has unique characteristics that set it apart from the others. In this article, we will explore the different types of Chinese tea […]