The Art and Science of Japanese Green Tea Harvesting and Pricing

Tea trees are remarkable plants that can be harvested up to four times a year. The first harvest of the year is known as “Ichibancha,” followed by “Nibancha,” “Sanbancha,” and the final harvest, called “Yonbancha” or “Shutouban.” The tea obtained from the first harvest is considered to be of the finest quality, and as such, […]

Exploring the Tradition of the First Tea Bidding in Japan

As the Japanese winter gives way to spring, the country begins to stir with new life. April is a particularly magical time in Japan as the weather starts to warm, and the flowers and leaves begin to bloom. It’s also the time when tea leaves are ready for the first harvest. This is a critical […]

Exploring Zhejiang, the Heart of China’s Tea Industry

Zhejiang province, located in eastern China, is widely known as the center of the country’s tea industry. With its rich tea culture and history, the province boasts several major tea museums and institutes. In fact, Zhejiang is the birthplace of Rikuha, a legendary tea master whose influence has spread across China and beyond. Tea production […]