Lao Ren Cha – Old Man’s Tea

Gong Fu Cha, also known as Lao Ren Cha (老人茶) or Old Man’s Tea, is a traditional brewing method associated with the older generation who appreciated tea by using purple clay teapots and sipping from small cups. This practice was prevalent among the Teochew, South-East-Asia, and Taiwan communities. Over time, due to its elaborate procedure […]

Gong Fu Cha Vs. Chanoyu: What is the Difference?

Gong Fu Cha, originating from China, is a tea ceremony renowned for its artistry and precision in the process of making tea. The term “Gong Fu Cha” translates to “skillfully making tea,” emphasizing the mastery and expertise required to brew and serve tea in this traditional Chinese practice. It embodies a mindful and meticulous approach […]

A Detailed Step-by-Step Guide to the Art of Gongfu Tea

The term “Gongfu” in Chinese encompasses various meanings, including skills, artistry, dedication, and effort. Just as the name suggests, Gongfu tea preparation requires time and expertise. It transforms the process of making and presenting tea into an art form. Previously, we provided a comprehensive guide to the traditional Gongfu tea ceremony, which explored its significance […]

Korea Tea Ceremony Vs. China and Japan Tea Ceremony

When we think of tea culture, we often associate it with the Chinese “tea art,” the Korean “tea ceremony,” and the Japanese “Chado.” In Chinese and Japanese culture, LuYu from the Tang Dynasty is considered the saint of tea and the originator of Cha Dao. However, Cha Dao is not explicitly mentioned in his book, […]

Exploring the Differences Between Chinese and Japanese Tea Culture

The tea culture in China is not just about the act of consuming tea. It encompasses how tea is prepared and the different occasions when Chinese people partake in it. Chinese tea culture differs from both Indian and British tea cultures, as it is a regular practice regardless of the occasion. It is noteworthy that […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Gong Fu Cha – The Chinese Art of Tea Brewing

Gongfu Cha (工夫茶), which translates to “skillful tea” or “mastery through effort,” is a traditional Chinese tea brewing technique that emphasizes discipline and expertise. To embark on the Gongfu Cha journey, one needs a few essential elements: high-quality tea, water, and specific Teaware such as a Gaiwan (a lidded bowl), a small clay or porcelain […]

History, Significance, and Techniques of the Gongfu Tea Ceremony

The Gongfu Tea Ceremony, also known as the Kung Fu Tea Ceremony, is a ritualistic Chinese tea-making practice that involves the preparation and presentation of tea. The term “gongfu” literally means “making tea with skill,” and the approach is known for using smaller brewing vessels and a higher leaf-to-water ratio than western-style brewing. In this […]