Discovering the Delightful Phoenix Dang Cong Tea

Phoenix Dang Cong is a type of oolong tea that hails from the Phoenix Mountains in Chaozhou, located in northern Guangdong, China. This range of mountains has summits that stand at 1,000 meters above sea level and is known for its fertile soil, which is due to mist, clouds, humidity, and annual rainfall. Additionally, the […]

Hong Kong-style Milk Tea: History, Cultural Heritage, and Preparation

Hong Kong-style milk tea is a popular tea drink made with Ceylon black tea and milk, usually evaporated and condensed milk. It originated during British colonial rule in Hong Kong and is a popular part of Hong Kong tea culture, with an estimated 900 million glasses consumed annually. Hong Kong-style milk tea is found in […]

Hong Kong Tea Culture: Blending British and Chinese Traditions

Hong Kong, located on China’s south coast, was a British colony until 1997. The local tea culture reflects a blend of British and Chinese influences, resulting in a unique way of enjoying black tea. Tea is a popular beverage in Hong Kong and is consumed throughout the day, including at breakfast, afternoon tea, and dinner. […]

Exploring Hong Kong’s Tea Culture: A Look at the Unique Habits and Traditions

Tea drinking is an integral part of Chinese culture, particularly in Cantonese traditions like yum cha, which have influenced the tea-drinking habits of Hong Kong residents. Despite over 150 years of British rule, these habits have evolved into something distinct from anywhere else in the world. This uniqueness is not just limited to the tea […]