Japanese Tea Ceremony: Winter Season Tea Preparation

For Ro temae (tea ceremony performed using the Ro in winter), the first and second steps are similar to that of Furo temae (tea ceremony performed using the Furo in summer). Ro Temae starts to differ from that of Furo when a Mizusashi is brought into the room because no brazier is there to align […]

Concluding the Tea Ceremony: Step-by-Step Guide

In this guide, we will take you through the step-by-step process of concluding a tea ceremony. From announcing the end of the ceremony to cleaning the utensils and respectfully parting with your guests, each stage is carefully outlined to ensure a graceful and harmonious conclusion. Join us as we explore the intricate rituals and traditions […]

Japanese Tea Ceremony: Summer Season Tea Preparation

During the summer season, the Kama (iron kettle) is placed on a Furo (brazier), while in winter, it rests in a sunken hearth called Ro, which is a square cavity embedded within the Tatami flooring. Embracing Seasonality: Tea Ceremony and the Changing Seasons In the world of tea and tea ceremony, the appreciation of seasonality […]