Yamanoibuki: A Fragrant and Early-Maturing Tea Cultivar, Perfect for Growing with Yabukita

Yamanoibuki is an early-maturing tea cultivar that is harvested four to five days earlier than Yabukita. With its slightly upright tree shape and vigorous growth, it produces good quality buds that are uniform in shape, though slightly lighter than those of Yabukita. Its yield is comparable to that of Yabukita, and it has strong resistance […]

Tsuyuhikari: A High-Quality, High-Yield Cultivar Resistant to Anthracnose

Tsuyuhikari is a relatively new cultivar that was selected at the Shizuoka Prefectural Tea Research Institute in 1972. A crossbreed between Shizu7132 and Asatsuyu, this early-maturity cultivar has a germination period and harvesting period about two days earlier than Yabukita. It became a recommended cultivar in Shizuoka Prefecture from April 2001. The Tsuyuhikari tree is […]

Shunmei: A High-Quality Early-Maturity Cultivar with Excellent Cultivation Characteristics

“Shunmei” is a high-quality early-maturity cultivar of tea, which boasts a germination period and plucking period that are four to six days earlier than the well-known “Yabukita” variety. The cultivar is strong and robust in both young and adult trees, and has good rooting and survival rates after planting. It also exhibits strong resistance to […]

Sawamizuka: A Late-Maturity Cultivar Gaining Attention for its High-Quality and High-Yield

Sawamizuka tea, a late-maturity cultivar, is becoming increasingly popular due to its high-quality and high-yield. This tea is now attracting attention at joint factories where it is processed and distributed to tea merchants. Quality Characteristics Sawamizuka tea has a thin, dark green appearance with good color and luster, but it may have a slightly reddish […]

Saemidori: An Early-Maturity Cultivar with Excellent Quality and Expanding Cultivation Area

Quality Characteristics Saemidori is known for its outstanding quality, with bright, sharp green color and luster, and an elegant aroma. It has a less astringent flavor with umami, making it one of the best early-maturity cultivars. In fact, it competes well with its parent cultivars, Yabukita and Asatsuyu. Notes on Cultivation While Saemidori is an […]

Ryofu: A Resilient and Flavorful Tea Cultivar

Cultivating tea requires attention to detail, and choosing the right cultivar can make all the difference. Ryofu is a medium-maturity tea cultivar known for its resilience against environmental stressors like drought. Let’s take a closer look at this tea cultivar. Cultivation Notes One of Ryofu’s strengths is its good rooting and growth, which make it […]

Okumidori Tea: A Late-Maturity Cultivar with Excellent Quality

Okumidori tea is a late-maturity cultivar that is known for its high yield and excellent quality. This cultivar has a sprouting period that starts 11 days later than the Yabukita cultivar, and a leaf picking period that begins 8 days later than Yabukita. The sprouts of Okumidori harden slowly and grow well, resulting in a […]

Okuhikari: A Late-Maturity Cultivar with Superior Aroma and Infusion Color

Cultivar Characteristics Okuhikari is a late-maturity cultivar that matures 5 to 6 days slower than Yabukita. Its tree shape is upright and possesses strong vigor. The mature leaves are oblong in shape with a dark green color and a rich gloss. During the harvesting period, the shoots are bigger with fewer branches trimmed, and the […]

Meiryoku: A Resilient Medium-Maturity Cultivar Ideal for Stressful Conditions

Processing Characteristics of Meiryoku Meiryoku is a highly productive cultivar that produces a stable and high yield. Its buds grow uniformly, and it has a refreshing fragrance, bright color, and lustrous appearance. Initially, there were concerns that the umami flavor would be low and the taste light, but it is now highly rated for its […]

Koushun: A Unique Cultivar with Unprecedented Perfume

Koushun is a medium-maturing cultivar known for its unprecedented perfume, harmonious flavor, and mild aftertaste. This tea boasts a larger number of buds that exhibit an excellent shape, making it easy to finely twist. The appearance of crude tea is also impressive and uniform. Quality Characteristics Koushun’s flavor is highly rated for its strong taste, […]