An Overview of Vietnamese Tea Market

Tea holds a significant place in Vietnamese culture, cherished throughout the day for its refreshing and digestive properties. The Vietnamese tea ceremony, though simple and rustic, carries deep meaning, symbolizing genuine sentiments between hosts and guests. Names Tea bears different names depending on the region. In the North, it is commonly referred to as Che, […]

Tea Value Chain in Vietnam

The production and distribution of tea in Vietnam involves numerous stakeholders who participate and interact with each other to create a complex value chain. These stakeholders include tea leaf producers (farmers), dry tea processors, dry tea traders, wholesalers, retailers, and exporters. Despite having just three main activities – tea leaf production, dry tea processing, and […]

Vietnam’s Tea Industry: An Overview

Vietnam has a long history of tea cultivation, dating back 3,000 years. Since the French established the first tea plantation in Phu Tho in 1890, tea has become an important commodity for economic development. In recent years, Vietnam’s tea production has grown significantly, making it one of the world’s largest tea producers. Production Tea cultivation […]