Tajikistan’s Tea Trade: Exploring Export, Import, and Tariff Dynamics

Tajikistan, a land of rugged mountains and vibrant culture, has a growing presence in the global tea trade.

Tea Imports Exports

Tea Exports from Tajikistan

In 2021, Tajikistan exported a modest $321 worth of tea, securing the 179th position among tea exporters globally. Tea ranked 438th among Tajikistan’s exported products during the same year. The primary destination for Tajikistan’s tea exports was Kyrgyzstan, accounting for the entire export value.

Tea Imports into Tajikistan

Tajikistan’s tea imports in 2021 amounted to $16 million, making it the 73rd largest tea importer worldwide. Tea ranked 70th among the most imported products in Tajikistan during the same year. Tajikistan primarily imported tea from China, contributing to the majority of imports at $10.3 million. Other significant sources included Russia at $1.37 million, India at $1.17 million, Sri Lanka at $1.1 million, and Iran at $652k.

Emerging Import Markets

Tajikistan experienced notable growth in tea imports between 2020 and 2021, showcasing a diversification of its import sources and expanding consumer demand. The fastest-growing import markets for tea in Tajikistan during this period were Rwanda, with an increase of $217k, followed by Iran at $202k, and the United Arab Emirates at $173k. These figures reflect the evolving preferences of Tajikistan’s tea consumers and the country’s efforts to explore new tea sources and trade partnerships.

Tariff Landscape

In 2017, the average tariff for tea in Tajikistan stood at 4.36%. Notably, the countries with the highest import tariffs for tea were Angola, Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Republic of the Congo, and Algeria, all imposing a Most Favoured Nation duty rate treatment of 5%. These tariff rates were in effect during that period and underscore the regulatory framework that impacted tea imports into Tajikistan.

Where Does Tajikistan Import Its Tea (2021)

ContinentCountryTrade Value
AsiaUnited Arab Emirates326,429
AsiaHong Kong1,351
AsiaSri Lanka1,101,368

Vietnam Tea: A Popular and Reliable Choice for Tajikistan’s Imports

Vietnam tea has consistently been a popular and trustworthy choice for Tajikistan, thanks to its premium quality and competitive pricing. In 2021, Tajikistan imported tea from Vietnam with a total value of $560,331, marking a 4% increase compared to the previous year. Vietnam holds a significant position as an important supplier of tea to Tajikistan, catering to its tea requirements effectively.


Tajikistan’s tea trade presents a unique blend of opportunities and challenges. While the country’s tea exports are relatively modest, its tea imports showcase a significant demand for diverse tea varieties from various origins. Tajikistan’s growing import market, driven by sources such as China, Russia, India, Sri Lanka, and Iran, reflects the evolving taste preferences and increasing tea consumption among its population. The emergence of Rwanda, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates as fast-growing import markets indicates Tajikistan’s openness to exploring new tea sources and fostering international trade relations. As Tajikistan continues to navigate the global tea trade landscape, tariff rates and regulatory frameworks will remain crucial factors impacting the country’s tea imports. The future of Tajikistan’s tea industry holds the potential for further growth and integration into the global tea market, empowering local tea producers and delighting tea enthusiasts within the country and beyond.

Data: BACI

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