Tea as an Ingredient in Cooking and Baking

Did you know that tea can be used as an ingredient in cooking and baking? While green tea is well-known for its preventative benefits, some of these benefits are not released when brewing tea. However, by using tea as an ingredient in cooking or baking, these beneficial elements can be absorbed by your body. Tea used for baking or cooking can come in the form of processed tea leaves, powdered tea, or concentrated essence.

Processed Tea Leaves

Processed tea leaves can be used to make chiffon cakes, pound cakes, cookies, and crackers. Both green and black tea leaves can be used for making these items.

Powdered Tea

For making “Chamochi,” “Chadango,” “Chamanju,” and “Chaame,” powdered tea is often used. Matcha is also a popular ingredient for making desserts such as “Matcha shiratama,” “Matcha shiruko,” “Matcha ice cream,” and “Matcha chocolate.” Fine powdered green tea can give a vivid green color to your food.


You can also try making “Green tea jelly,” “Green tea pudding,” and “Green tea bavarois” using the extract. These are just a few examples of how tea can be used in making desserts. There are many more possibilities for using tea in your cooking and baking!

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