Tea Consumption in West Asia

Through the silk-road, tea was transported from China to West Asia where it played an important role in the lives of people living in predominantly Islamic countries. The dry climate in West Asia makes tea consumption even more important. While Japanese tea was exported to West Asia during the early Showa era, today most of the tea consumed in West Asia is imported from India and Sri Lanka.

Chai in Chai-hane

Chai-hane is a place where travelers can rest and enjoy tea (Chai) in West Asia. In the midst of their desert travels, people would take a moment to share a small cup of tea on a tray.

Mint Tea in Morocco

Morocco was once a destination for Japanese tea exports but has since become a black tea drinking nation. Mint tea is now a daily drink for people in Morocco. To make mint tea, sugar is added to the grass, fresh mint leaves are placed on top, and tea is poured into the glass. The combination of mint, tea, and sugar creates a refreshing drink.

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