Tea Temperature Guide: Brewing Tips for Perfectly Steeped Tea

Brewing tea is a delicate process that requires attention to detail, including the temperature of the water. Here are some tips for brewing tea at the correct temperature to achieve the best flavor and aroma.

Black tea should be brewed with water that has been brought to a rolling boil, which is typically around 212°F (100°C). This high temperature helps to extract the maximum flavor from the tea leaves.

Green tea, on the other hand, should be brewed at a lower temperature of around 160-180°F (71-82°C). This lower temperature helps to preserve the delicate flavor and aroma of the tea.

White tea is the most delicate of all teas and should be brewed at an even lower temperature of around 150-160°F (65-71°C). This temperature allows the tea to steep slowly and release its delicate flavor and aroma.

Herbal teas and tisanes can be brewed at a variety of temperatures depending on the ingredients. Generally, they should be brewed at a temperature between 200-212°F (93-100°C).

Using a temperature-controlled kettle or a thermometer can help ensure that the water is heated to the correct temperature for each specific tea. It’s also important to note that steeping times vary for different teas, so be sure to follow the brewing instructions for each tea to achieve the best results.

In conclusion, brewing tea at the correct temperature is crucial to achieving the best flavor and aroma. Black tea should be brewed with boiling water, green tea at a lower temperature, white tea at an even lower temperature, and herbal teas at a high temperature. With the help of a temperature-controlled kettle or thermometer, you can enjoy perfectly brewed tea every time.

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