Tieluohan Tea – A Light Wuyi Oolong with a Legend

Tieluohan, also known as Tie Luo Han, is a light Wuyi oolong tea that is considered one of the Four Great Oolongs. It is made from the Tieluohan cultivar and is responsible for one of the four famous “rock teas” known as Yán chá that grow on the cliffs of the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian, China. The tea got its name from a legend that tells of a powerful warrior monk with golden-bronze skin who created this tea.

Bai Jiguan - Ban Tian Yao- Bu Zhi Chun- Da Hong Pao- Dong ding- Dongfang meiren- Gaoshan- Huangjin Gui-Huang Meigui- Jin Xuan - Qilan- Pouchong-Rougui- Ruanzhi-Shui Jin Gui - Shui Hsien - Tieluohan- Tieguanyin

The leaves of Tieluohan tea are intense green, which produces a lighter-colored tea. The tea has a full-bodied and supple taste with gentle floral notes and a traditional long-lasting finish.

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