Wood Element Teas: Support For Heart And Small Intestine

According to traditional Chinese medical theory, two of our major organs – the heart and small intestine – belong to the Fire element. During the summer season, when the Fire element is dominant, these organs need special care, as hot weather can increase the risk of heat stroke and heart disease.

Fortunately, the Wood element can support the Fire element and bring balance to the body. Wood element teas, such as green tea and raw puer tea, have been traditionally used to improve heart health, lower blood pressure, and freshen breath. These teas carry a natural, refreshing energy that can help regulate the Fire element.

In contrast to heavily processed teas, green tea and raw puer tea have a more natural and vibrant taste, thanks to their minimal processing and fermentation. Their fresh, leafy aroma and delicate flavors make them a perfect choice for summer.

To maintain balance and health during the summer season, it’s important to pay attention to the Wood element and consume Wood element teas regularly. By doing so, we can support our Fire element organs and stay healthy and strong.

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